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About Brian Bailey

My education and life experience have given me a broad understanding of the world. I believe this is a great asset for creating effective websites. It has also informed my aesthetic and style. Recently, I augmented my self-taught skillset with formal training to acquire a web design certificate from Seattle Central College. I’m excited about creating websites and logos using my new skills.


I followed a fairly twisted but interesting path. I’ve lived in several cities between Ohio and Washington. And I’ve also had several careers/vocations. My interests are varied. All of this makes for a unique foundation for a web designer and developer. Read more>>

Aesthetic or Vision

What vision guides me when I’m creating websites or logos? I enjoy clarity, space, a sense of geometric proportionality and a general impression of organization. I like the feeling of space you get when standing on a mountaintop or the rim of a desert canyon. There is so much to see, and it is so easily accessible. Read more>>

Experience & Training

I recently worked for a commercial print shop in their prepress or graphics department for over a dozen years. That is where I learned most of my skills using PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign among other tools. It is also where I got my first experience doing web design. Read more>>

Brian at Big Pocket Overlook in the Canyonlands
Brian at Big Pocket Overlook in the Canyonlands