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Aesthetic or Vision

What vision guides me when I’m creating websites or logos? I enjoy clarity, space, a sense of geometric proportionality and a general impression of organization. I like the feeling of space you get when standing above timberline on a mountaintop or at the rim of a desert canyon. There is so much to see, and yet it is so easily accessible. I love wide-open spaces.

Twentieth Century Art as Inspiration

My interest in twentieth-century art is surely a factor in forming my aesthetic. I like the geometric lines of art deco buildings. I enjoy the feeling of space, focus and simplicity of the color field paintings by Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still.

I also like the complexity and unpredictability of Willem de Kooning or Jackson Pollock, but they are too apparently jumbled to inspire a web page design. The boxes of Mondrian are more like it. After all, web pages are primarily made up of boxes and the spaces between them.

But to be clear, I’m not trying to pretend to be Picasso when I build sites. An artistic thought may be in the background. But I strive to make sites that are usable and effective. I find this done by eliminating clutter and confusion. We already have more than enough of that on the web!

Clarity in Web Design

I think that good usability and a good user experience starts with an easy to understand design. Content should be presented in a logical order. Layout should be geometrically comfortable and not distracting. A clean, clear design goes a long way toward making a site pleasant and usable. Pleasant is good. Annoying and difficult are bad.