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I followed a fairly twisted but interesting path. I’ve lived in several cities between Ohio and Washington. And I’ve also had several careers/vocations. My interests are varied. All of this makes for a unique foundation for a web designer and developer.

Living Around the Country

I spent most of my adult life in Cincinnati with stops in Sioux City and Durango. I’ll never live east of the Rockies again. Seattle is my home now. I love it here and there’s a good chance it will be my final stop. I started in the rust belt, went through the corn belt and landed in the tech belt. I’ve moved from the border of Dixie, to snow white middle America, through the diverse Desert Southwest and finally to the truly multi-cultural Pacific Northwest. It’s been an interesting journey. I think it’s provided me with great appreciation for so many cultures.

A Varied Work Life

I’ve had a variety of jobs or careers. I started as a professional (primarily “classical”) musician. Later, I helped develop and grow a business as a pizza shop manager. My mountain and road cycling interests led me into bicycle sales and then management. I even spent a short time at a struggling internet startup. More recently, I worked for a commercial printer in various capacities. These included prepress (graphics), web design, wide format printing and network administration.

Interests Besides Writing Code

A not all-inclusive list of my varied interests includes:

I used to do a lot of mountain biking and then road riding. Now, I mostly stick to hiking in the mountains and deserts or on our rocky beaches. My camera is always at the ready.

Life Experience & Web Design

What does all this have to do with working in the world of web design? I think my variety of life experience is a huge resource. I have a well-developed artistic sensibility. I also have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to manage a business. I’ve needed to supervise people and stay within budgets. And perhaps most importantly, I’ve had to work well with people. I’ve handled the customer service aspect of dealing with clients. And I’ve been involved with the teamwork of managing a team, leading a team or just being part of a team.