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Experience & Training

I recently worked for a commercial print shop in their prepress or graphics department for over a dozen years. That is where I learned most of my skills using PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign among other tools. It is also where I got my first experience doing web design.

Self-Taught Period

The print shop’s site desperately needed an update, but the original creator had left the company. The company was scaling back and was not prepared to spend money for a web designer. So I taught myself HTML and CSS. Ownership agreed to let me completely redesign the site. I did so, using modern CSS based layout instead of tables.

My site was well received by everyone in the company. Updating and maintaining it became a part of my regular job. Eventually, I developed a system of customer specific order forms for business cards and other regular items.

For the next several years, I kept my skills up to date by building a few other commercial sites in my free time. And, of course, I continued to maintain and update the print shop’s site.

Transition from Print to Web at Seattle Central

Sadly, the business suffered the fate of so many small to medium sized print shops. They ceased production early in 2013. Print jobs have been on the decline for several years. So I decided to get out of printing and transition into the web. In the summer of 2013, I began working toward a Web Design Certificate at Seattle Central College.

At Seattle Central, I had courses in the primary web tools of HTML and CSS. Other technical course content was in JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, C#, Linux, PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Below is a list of many of the topics covered in the courses I’ve taken at Seattle Central College. It describes some of the most important content of the courses, but is not an actual course list.

Many of the web design courses combined to form a comprehensive method for creating websites. This process was covered from the first client interview, through site design and development, all the way through to implementation and maintenance.