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Gigi's Closet

This was a redesign project. This business changed hands in 2013. It was doing well before the sale and continues to do well now. However, the website was a disaster, full of misaligned elements, missing links and graphics and even a missing page. It's a small site, mostly consisting of contact information, their location and how their consignment process works. There is an external link to a consignment management system. (I did not create that.)

They also needed a new logo. The client chose the basic color palette (black and PMS 485 red) and also provided a very detailed sketch of what they wanted for the design. Creating the logo was more about executing the sketch than being original. It is all vector art and separates correctly for offset printing.

This site should become live in September of 2014. You can view the protosite here >>

Walsh & LarraƱaga Law

This site was last updated in 2005, so in 2014 it was long overdue for a redesign. In fact, it was overdue for any content updates. It's a text-heavy site, one challenge was to make that text palatable.

My approach was to use a very open design (as usual), but also to work with the client to whittle down the content to only what made sense to put on the web. They were quite satisfied with their logo, so I decided to use it as the basis for the site's color palette.

This project is still under development, essentially waiting for finalized content. There may be changes to the architecture at that time. You can view the protosite here >>


Gymwhimsy is an small business that is still in its formative stages. Consequently, there is almost no content at all for the site at this time. You'll see that most of the text is lorem ipsum so far.

This is an example of a custom built WordPress theme. I did it by creating page templates and then building up from there, as opposed to adapting an existing theme.

It was a little challenging to do this without content, but the owners have a pretty clear vision. I was able to hammer out what should be a sensible information architecture. You can view the protosite here >>

Gymwhimsy screenshot